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我申請的公司只要求 Resume,我需要另外寫 Cover Letter 嗎 ?

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“Dear Evon,

我是大四的學生,剛著手找實習的工作。雖然知道跟其他人相比有點晚了,仍希望有機會申請到外商顧問公司的實習機會,McKinsey 是我的目標。

許多公司的申請網站只需要上傳 Resume,但是我想要徵詢您的意見,這類的申請需不需要另外附加cover letter?  謝謝”


It’s great that you are exploring your career options and it’s never too late.

If the consulting firm does not explicitly ask you to submit a cover letter, then it is optional.

Having said that, most applicants will still submit a cover letter for their application to be more competitive and comprehensive; because applicants/candidates can address, explain and demonstrate different strengths/reasons that are less likely to be covered or mentioned in their resume.


An effective, customized cover letter will make it clearer that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Tips for writing a Cover Letter:

  • Keep it succinct and short (~1 page)
  • Customize it for your desired position (Focus on your skills and talents that are needed for this job)
  • Go behind the Resume (Avoid repeating the same information too much)


I hope these help!

Good luck.


p.s. 不知道要怎麼寫求職信的,這裡有模板 英文求職信寫法 : 找工作要寫 Cover Letter 嗎?要怎麼寫?又要寫什麼?


By Evon

Chief Editor at EssayCrafter




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