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英文面試系列: 求職面試- 面試官給你的忠告

我在這裡分享了數篇英文面試的技巧,也曾提到 “易位思考” ,你要站在對方的高度想,怎樣的表現才能贏得對方的青睞,或是避免被扣分。


舉例來說,面試時的語氣和用詞很重要,或許你覺得你是因為緊張才講得不順、結巴,但是這樣的表現對面試官而言,卻可能代表著更負面的印象 (你對自己沒信心,或是你對於過去的學經歷感到心虛)。此外,你知道面試官又將如何旁敲側擊地測試你是否適任此職位嗎?

這次直接邀請到在外國 IT企業任職 Team Leader的  C.L. 親自針對面試的篩選過程,為申請者提出最中肯的建議 。

C.L. 有一份很特殊的經歷,大學畢業後就在國外企業工作,從基層一路擔任到主管階級。在過去近十年的工作中,他累積了多次擔任面試官的經驗,鍛鍊了能從短短幾分鐘的面試,即看出申請人的優缺點以及職位適任度。這次謝謝他願意對職場的申請者,提出他多年的觀察和建議,以下是他的分享全文。


By C.L.  (A Guest Post) 

As a team leader of an operations support team for one of the largest telecommunications companies internationally, I have had to interview many applicants for junior positions in the team as well as having to go through several interviews myself to have come to this position. Other than your technical skills, on the top of my mind, I can tell you what employers look for in a successful candidate.


This is the number one personality trait you must have. Think of this as one of the default requirements, and this is even ranked above your technical skills/abilities.

Why would you want to work with a dishonest colleague? If you are not honest about your qualification, training, and skills, you are regarded as someone with no integrity and no work ethics.

How do we gauge your integrity?

Well….even though we can’t see integrity on your resume, there are signs which may show employers that you are not sincere/genuine.


Mismatching information from your interview and your resume (Read Evon’s post about this)

 Lack of confidence when you explain about your achievements and activities in your resume and could not answer follow-up questions.

 Stutter when being probed about your work experience on the resume. This is obvious! It sounds like you are making things up as you go.

In an interview, you need to present your professional experience in an organized and confident manner. Rehearse until you are confident and comfortable when you give your answers.



In the 1st round of the interview, the employer usually will not expect you to completely understand the responsibilities of the job, but you do need to have some understanding about the nature of the position you are applying for. We want to find the most suitable person for this position and we screen for suitability by asking you some behavior questions. A good 50% ~ 80% of the interview questions will be asked towards how well you will be able to fit the position.

Through behavior questions, employers can get a feel of whether you do have what it takes to fulfill the job requirements. Judgement will be made on how you respond to certain questions, and this usually gives a pretty good predication on how well you are going to perform when you come on board.


Effective Communication

Nearly all organizations will require you to collaborate with team mates in one form or another. You will mostly find at least one question regarding resolving conflicts in a team environment. Other questions might be probing for your leadership or analytical skills. You will need to show the employer that you are capable of fitting into the work environment by demonstrating you have effective communication skill.


Every interviewer is different, and he/she may have a slightly different approach on how to select applicants. As I often share my thoughts and my final candidate decision with others in the hiring department, I believe that the above information outlines what a successful candidate should be like in the interview (and hopefully in real life, too).


Genuine Enthusiasm

Since the employer has interviewed so many candidates for various positions, it is not difficult to tell whether candidates have genuine intention or not. The last advice I want to share with you is to be genuine, and take the opportunity to connect with the interviewer. This will leave a positive lasting impression overall.


* C.L.目前任職的國外公司負責數個跨國的 IT專案,工作合作的對象來自世界各地。希望他的分享能對正在找工作的你有些啟發。


By Evon @ EssayCrafter 求職與留學英文諮詢工作室

Essaycrafter英文諮詢工作室的創辦人Evon 大學主修理工,後續取得了生醫相關博士學位,也同時取得公衛的碩士 (MPH)。在期間發表了多篇的學術論文,共同著作一本英文百科全書其一章節,受邀擔任國際會議的演講者及數份科學期刊的 Reviewer,修過經濟學以及財經管理、統計課程。至今累積了超過十年在大學以英文授課與在外國企業工作的經驗。多年來已成功地輔導許多研究生及外商求職者量身打造具有說服力的申請文件並克服英文面試關卡,錄取心目中理想的企業或學校。



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