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介系詞 – Preposition

其實,就算對以英文為母語的人來說,他們也說不出介系詞有什麼規律可循,大家平常選的介系詞,其實就是聽起來最自然 (the most natural sounding) 的那一個就對了,所以要把介系詞學好,也只能多看多聽。平常生活用的那些 on the bus, in the car, in the morning, at night這些很口語化的句子,介系詞的用法大家應該都很熟悉了。但是,如果遇到比較少用的學術用詞,可能會不太清楚哪個是對的。

我在這裡列出學術文章常用到的字與適當的介系詞 ,大家可以使用Ctrl +F的功能找你需要的詞

Accompanied by
Accompanied with
According to
in accordance with
Adhere to
Adherent to
Adhesion to
With the advent of
Attention to
In the attempt to
Admit to
Advised of
Agree with
Applicable to
Associate with
As to when/where/whether/how
Approach to
At this/the location
At the site of infection
Attention needs to be directed in establishing a protocol
Available to
Avoidance of
Awareness of
Advertising for
Believe in
Benefit for education
Benefit to me/her/him in realising
Blame for
Buffer for A and B
Because of
A call for
Call into question= doubt
Categorized into
Caught between
Change in demand
Compliant with
Commence to
Concentrate on
In conjunction with
Consensus on
Consist of
Conducted at
Contribute to
Correlated with
A cure for
Defined by
Depend(rely) on
Derive from
With a desire for
Diagnosed as (disease/condition)
Diagnosed with (method/instruments)
Difference between A and B in
Disposed of
Divide into
Due to
Effect on
Engage in
Examples of
at the expense of
Feasibility of
Focus on
At a forum
Give support to
Hindrance to compliance
Impact on
Impart to : impart wisdom to/impart secret to
In respect of
Insight into
In spite of
Irrespective of
In the hope of
In the morning, at night
Improve on
Incubated in XXXX at XXXX temperature for days
Inform (person) on progress
Inherent to this question
Instructions on
Invest in
Investigation of/into
Lack of awareness of
Learn from
Link between A+B
Link with
Loss to follow up
Make inferences from
Measured at XXXX nm wavelength
Obviate the need for
Over the period
Owing to
On the earth
in the world
all over the world
On the whole
On occasion
Passion for
Pay for
Place trust in
Placed within their categories
Point out
Prevention of obesity in children
Provide with opportunities
Questionnaires on X topic
Question about
With regard to = Regarding/concerning
Relating to
Relationship between A and B in
Relationship with
In relation to
Relevance of / for
Relevance on
Relevant to
Reliable in detecting
Representative of the real life
Research into/on
Reservoir for micro-organisms
Resistance test to flurizonodine
Respond to
Results of the investigation
Rinsed in water
Risk factor of/for
Side effects of
Significant difference on
Similar in both methods
A is similar to B
Similarities between A and B
In the Space
Specialise in
Support of
Survival on ocular surface
Susceptible to
Stuck between
Stand up to the challenge
Transition between A and B
Transition to
Use of
of value in
When it comes to choosing
With little regard for
With the aim of